Two Songs

by Half-Hearted

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Two songs, one added to a Oly punk comp, one never physically released.


released January 13, 2016

Recorded at Punkall, summer 2015 by the Joester.




Half-Hearted Olympia, Washington

Slow to grow.

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Track Name: Move the Ocean
Sits there waiting in that
Spot on the front porch where you
Crouch place your back up
Against the siding tile

Where you nightly
Let your cigarette burn
And hope some how that
Smoke will clear your head

And you go through the motions
To move all of the oceans
Walk ahead of the others
Step in deep into a hole
That you made eight years ago

I woke up this morning
And I left in a hurry
Got a coffee for the road
Drove as far as I thought was reasonable

And there I sat by the lake
Waiting for the water to calm me down
I wish that this was easier
Than having to watch all of
Your friends stare me down

How do we fix it all?
How do we bury all the broken bones I keep on finding?
You cannot heal what you cannot identify
We cannot jump off the piles of remnants
Of attempted amendments and expect to fly
Track Name: If You Had Known
The last tear that you cried
Won't leave my fucking head
Memories they will fade
And I'm clinging on to the bad one
Just like I always do

We'll never be the same
And I'll love you all the same
I wish I had known that was all the time we had

Now that you think everything is gone
All the books we read
Fly through the air answer the phone
Ringing in contempt
Displaced amongst the floor
The kitchen sink awaits resentful hands

And attempt to gain control
Of the words that you can't hear
All the lies we tell are still screaming in my ears
And hospital rooms
And under the rose bush in the yard
We buried all those years with dirt we covered up our scars